Keep the romance alive

Whether it's a woodland garden or flowing fields or a rustic cottage garden bursting with fragrant blooms, all gardeners can have their share of romance.

Choose your plants carefully and place the scented varieties wheretheir delicious fragrance will come into its own, near to the house or bordering a well-used walkway.

Group your plants together in small drifts, and you'll be rewarded with a lovely, informal display of scent and colour all summer long.

Keep the design low-key, with soft edges and curved lines. Make sure the emphasis is on the plants themselves, although you can create a focal point from a statue or tall obelisk or wigwam adorned with sweet peas or clematis and climbing roses.

If you have room, make a secret place in the garden which you can't see from the house, such as a hidden archway over a bench, where you can sit during those summer evenings for peace and solace while taking in the scents and sounds of the garden.

When planning your romantic garden, make sure you take note of where the sun rises and sets, so that you create your seating area to enjoy the sun as it goes down at the end of the day, or when you are likely to use that area most.

In the evening, candle light comes into its own to create a romantic setting, so place some close to the plants you want to highlight or even place them around your Gabriel Ash greenhouse.

Long after Valentine's Day, you'll have the perfect setting for romance in your garden.

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