Keep the joy of the conservatory alive over Christmas

One of the great things about owning a conservatory is the view of the garden.

From the warmth and comfort of the conservatory, homeowners can sit back and relax watching nature at its finest – birds pottering around looking for worms while cats, squirrels and frogs roam about on the ground on in the trees.

But winter is a tough time for wildlife and conservatory owners can help out by baking the birds their own special Christmas cake to help them get through the colder months.

According to the Daily Telegraph, birds need fat to help them survive the winter and using lard or suet as a base for the cake is a great start.

This should be fried in a pot until melted before adding dry ingredients such as wild bird seed, oats and currants.

Kitchen leftovers such as grated cheese, breadcrumbs and fatty bacon are also great ingredients but would-be chefs should refrain from adding salted or spiced nuts or dried coconut.

Once the mixture is cooled, it can be rolled into balls and placed in a string bag such as an old orange or onion bag.

Finally, hang the treat in the garden and watch the birds enjoy their own Christmas dinner.