Keep garden protected from the wind, expert suggests

TV presenter and gardening writer Helen Yemm wrote an article in the Telegraph detailing how she is always on the lookout for new products that can be used for staking plants.

“As a rule I go for those that are tough and rigid and also blend into the background, since my various supports are put in place well before they are needed (the best way to do it),” she explained.

Ms Yemm went on to suggest that a Worcestershire company called simply Plant Supports makes “elegantly curvaceous” Plant Girdles which look great around her tree peony.

This company also makes powder-coated, olive-coloured spiral supports on a single central leg (the Twist Easy) which “I love”, she added.

The expert added that it is always best to choose a support structure that is most appropriate for the type of plant that is vulnerable to the elements