July garden and greenhouse tips

As we enter the month of July, Arkansas website baxterbulletin.com has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts a number of tips to get busy with.

Now is the time to plant pumpkins if you want them to be ready in time for Halloween this October.

After planting, the seedlings should be kept well-watered and free of pests, which can be achieved by spraying Thiodan or Sevin once every ten to 14 days.

Shade trees should also be watered now before drought stress begins as it can be impossible to catch up once the damage has started to take hold.

To keep them hydrated, growers should give the trees at least one inch of water once a week, with new specimens cared for twice as frequently.

Heavy summer pruning should be avoided, but some light snipping is okay, the online resource added.

In other news, pressdemocrat.com has published some tips on growing tomatoes and sweet corn.