It girl loves getting her hands dirty

Hello magazine columnist and "it" girl Tamara Beckwith, 38, spoke to The Times yesterday about the joy she derives from her garden.

The fair-haired daughter of property millionaire Peter Beckwith lives in a five-storey Chelsea pad once rented by late Manchester United legend George Best.

She loves her garden and uses it as a place to escape the fast pace of celebrity lifestyle.

"I have so many birds: robins, blue tits, love doves," she says.

"Its because I feed them all."

Despite being no expert, she revels in getting her hands dirty.

"I dont get involved in bringing things home and having a little idea. That’s not my idea of gardening at all, I love doing the deadheading, but I dont know what I am doing."

Ms Beckwiths garden includes oleander, jasmine and lemon trees as well as laburnum and wisteria.

Typical of a woman up on her fashion, the predominant colour in her garden is green.

It was noticed by many that some of the show gardens at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year had nothing but green.