Is There Space In My Garden For A Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are invaluable when tending to seeds and growing plants and crops in harsh conditions. A greenhouse will provide a protected growing environment, sheltering your plants and crops from extreme cold, heat and moisture.

There are a number of things to consider before placing a greenhouse in your garden. The main consideration will be which greenhouse is suitable for the size of your garden – once you’ve decided which greenhouse is for you, you will then have to decide where to place it to get the best results.

Which Greenhouse is Best For My Garden?

Not everyone is lucky enough to own a large garden. For those who do, a grower greenhouse will allow them space to produce a multitude of crops. With adjustable shelving and storage space, the grower greenhouse has enough room for an enthusiastic gardener to potter around inside.

For many of us who tend to modest gardens, a starter greenhouse or hobby greenhouse allows enough space for propagating seeds and starter plants which can then be transplanted outdoors to a garden bed. These small to medium size greenhouses are very popular and can produce excellent results without taking up all your garden space.

If your garden is on the small side then there is still a greenhouse option available to you. Cold frame greenhouses are an excellent choice if space is at a premium. A cold frame is simply a box with a sloping glazed lid that is placed over plants to protect them. The lid can be opened to varying degrees to control temperature and the sides can be made of masonry, timber, metal or glass. There are a range of different cold frames to suit all needs and sizes, from grand cold frames to baby grand cold frames, to upright cold frames that can be positioned against a wall in your home. Many cold frames come with toughened safety glass as standard to give extra protection to your plants during the harsh winter months.

Where to Site Your Greenhouse or Cold Frame

Now you have decided what size greenhouse is best suited to your garden, you now need to decide where to place it. Ideally, a greenhouse or cold frame should be sited where it can receive uninterrupted sunlight throughout the day. It’s also best to protect your greenhouse from cold northerly or easterly winds. Your greenhouse or cold frame will also need a ready supply of water so site near a rain but or external tap. Your greenhouse or cold frame can become a real feature in your garden, give it a prominent position and even think about screening it off with a hedge or trellis to give it that added wow factor.

Whatever size garden you may have, be assured that there is a greenhouse solution for you.