Invigorate a garden with lilies, expert says

Lilies are the perfect way for greenhouse enthusiasts to brighten up their patio this year, it has been suggested.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Martyn Cox said the colourful flowers are "guaranteed to attract attention", adding "if you plant bulbs now, you’ll have a dazzling spectacle this summer".

Mr Cox went on to state that they come from Europe, Asia and North America and are a large tribe of bulbous perennials.

They range from a couple to more than ten feet in height and "can be bowl, trumpet, star or funnel-shaped, while a group known as Turk’s caps have distinctive sweptback petals", he added.

To add colour and vitality to a border, Mr Cox continued, keen horticulturalists should visit a garden centre where they will find a collection of varieties that will thrive in compost or moist soil.

A recent article for the Daily Telegraph suggested covering a house with climbing plants can transform it into a "stunning" home.