Innovative Water Saver

It may be hard to believe, but some parts of Britain spent 2012 under drought conditions. Two north-west based inventors have dreamt up a great way for gardeners to save and stockpile water.

Father and son duo Barry and Keith Hall have invented “Hall’s Rainsaver”, a guttering system that can be clipped on to your greenhouse or shed. The brackets are versatile, meaning innovative system can be clipped onto any outdoor building, without the use of tools.

The guttering collects water and funnels it into tanks, meaning you don’t have to use tap water. Keith Hall explains;

“The idea was to create a kit that includes everything you need to collect water. Everything is cut to size, and it all fits together by hand. We have kits for all sizes of sheds up to 20 ft long.”

The kits retail at £36, and are guaranteed for five years. The Rainsaver was debuted at last year’s RHS Flower Show. Large orders have already been placed by manufacturers and individuals alike.

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Author: Robert Smith

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