Innovative landscaping to take place at Chelsea

Aquatic gardening is to make its debut at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show this year, it has been reported.

Industry commentator Lewis Smith writes in web resource Times Online, explaining that the installation is entirely water-based and will incorporate six tonnes of water and glass.

The organisers of the event were so impressed with the design of the garden that they have made an exception on the ban on animals at the event to allow fish – including pearl danios, black tetras and white cloud mountain minnows – to be featured in the garden.

David Domoney, the designer of the garden, tells the resource: "I wanted to show what a diversity of plants grows under water. I call them the invisible plants – we hardly ever see them."

Robert Sweet, organiser of the event, recently told the Times that all water for the event will be drawn from the sites very-own on-site bore hole.