Indoor Growing – A Useful Guide

1) Water Carefully – Plants can dry out quickly on a hot day, whether they are in your greenhouse or on your windowsill. Be warned; do not over water plants as they can be easily suffocated.

2) Water in the morning – This will promote good health in your plants. Watering in the morning will give your plants the impetus to photosynthesise, and therefore  grow during daylight hours.

3) Soil care – Look after your soil. Indoor growing can be more intensive and therefore your seedlings will most likely exhaust the soil of its nutrients quicker. Apply plenty of organic matter like leaf mould or ashes.

4) Humidity – Plants enjoy being in a humid environment, try leaving a glass of water near to your seedlings. It will create an atmosphere your plant will love.

5) Re-potting – Don’t risk the early death of your plants by not giving them room to grow. Small pots will do for seedlings, but as soon as you see strong growth, re-potting to a large container is essential.

6) Cleanliness – Keep your greenhouse neat and tidy. Whilst providing your plants with the perfect environment in which to flourish, it is essential they are kept clean to prevent disease.  Use a mild citrus solution to clean your greenhouse, and dispose of any diseased plants quickly.

7) Pests – If you find yourself with a pest problem, such as greenfly, an environmentally friendly way of confusing them is a preventative garlic spray. This will help save your lettuce leaved from the dreaded infestation.

8) Light and temperature regulation – You need to make sure your seedlings are getting a good six hours of light every day. If your seedlings grow tall, with thin stems, they are getting too much heat, but not enough light. If they remain small then they are getting too much light but not enough heat.

Indoor growing needn’t be a chore if you follow this helpful guide.

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