Indoor Gardening Leads to Drug Raid

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A marijuana raid in Kansas City went wrong this week as it emerged that a couple suspected of propagating the drug were actually just growing an indoor garden in their basement. The couple, Robert and Adlynn Hart had their home raided just before 7am, and managed to answer the door moments before the police broke the door down with a battering ram.

The couple have two young children who were allegedly terrified as their father was forced to lie shirtless on the ground with a rifle pointing in his face.

The family had been growing a small number of tomatoes and butternut squash in their basement using indoor gardening equipment, and insist the equipment was not used for illegal drugs at any point.

The couple have demanded that the sheriff’s office release the evidence that led them to have their home raided by SWAT, however no response has been forthcoming.  The couple’s appeal is ongoing.

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