Indiana master gardener promotes seed sharing

Indiana garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested to hear that a local master gardener is promoting seed sharing.

Tracy Nolan attended a recent seed-cleaning session in the Valparaiso building of the Porter County Public Library and told the Post Tribune that it is important to pass on the best varieties to future generations.

She is reportedly preparing to share seeds from heirloom varieties of flowers, celery, pole beans and tomatoes.

"These are heirloom seeds and they have been handed down for generations for a reason – theyre good," Ms Nolan told the newspaper. "And the way the economy is going, more and more people are taking up gardening."

Other cleaning sessions are to be held on October 27th and November 24th and the local master gardeners are keen to get the public involved.

One member, Sharon Fitzsimmons, explained that they accept all kinds of seeds and help to clean and label them in preparation for an exchange event, which will occur in January.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama will boost garden and greenhouse growings profile further by appearing on Sesame Street to encourage kids to grow their own food on November 10th.