Include the garden in recycling

Green-fingered individuals eager to improve their environmentally-friendly credentials should include the garden in their recycling activities, an expert has suggested.

Pauline Brown from Buckingham Nurseries and Garden Centre tells the Buckingham Advertiser that much household waste can be turned into compost.

She asks: "Do you throw into the dustbin such things as empty cardboard boxes, used kitchen paper and tissues?"

Continuing, Ms Brown explains that by tearing up cardboard into small pieces and adding such rubbish to compost can be helpful since the material rots down well and will also increase the variety of products on a heap.

However, she states that it is important not to put too much cardboard on the heap at any one time and to also intersperse it with vegetable matter.

In related news, online resource notes that the composting process can be sped up by regularly turning the contents of a compost bin.