Improving your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

It is important that you keep your greenhouse at its best in order to ensure that your plants are provided with everything they need in order to thrive. Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses offer a wide variety of features that will help you to keep your greenhouse and plants looking great. The cedar wood range is an ideal choice for those looking for a greenhouse that not only ages well but also keeps their garden looking attractive.

Adding staging to your greenhouse will help you to get rid of any clutter and keep your greenhouse looking attractive. Staging will provide you with extra storage for your plants and will keep your greenhouse looking tidy. Now available with slatted surfaces, staging will provide plenty of ventilation for your plants and is a great addition to any greenhouse. Cedar wood staging is a particularly good choice, as it not only lasts longer but also looks great.

Installing extra ventilation or heating will help you to improve your greenhouse and keep your plants at their best. Some plants may require extra ventilation during summer and heating during winter so be sure to research exactly what they need before you start growing them. Creating an atmosphere within your greenhouse that is just right for your plants will enable them to grow successfully.

Opting for organic pest removal methods instead of using insect sprays will also help to improve your greenhouse. Many insect repellents contain chemicals that are harmful not only to your plants but also to yourself and should be avoided if possible. If you have a cedar wood greenhouse, then you will find that the natural oils in the wood help to repel insects, keeping your greenhouse and plants protected.

It is important to clean out your greenhouse regularly, removing any dead plants or used items such as empty soil bags. Keeping the atmosphere within your greenhouse healthy will reduce the risk of plant disease and keeping it clean will ensure that you are provided with a much more attractive greenhouse. Extra shelves will provide you with plenty more storage and you may also wish to add extra lighting if your plants need it.

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