Important Greenhouse Accessories You Should Consider

In order to get the most out of your greenhouse, there are a number of accessories and pieces of equipment you might want to consider. These can help your greenhouse to be a success and ensure that conditions are optimum for getting the best out of your plants.


Greenhouse heaters are essential if you want to keep your greenhouse going in the winter. They can ensure that even in the deepest freeze periods, the temperature stays high enough for your plants to survive. Paraffin heaters are the cheapest to run but they also require more maintenance. Electric fan heaters often include thermostats to regulate their operations automatically, reducing maintenance but are much pricier to keep running. 


Shading of one kind or another is essential when the summer sun is at its most intense in order to keep your greenhouse from overheating. There are many different ways to provide some shading. The cheapest is simply to paint some of your panes with whitewash. Alternatively, there are a range of solutions that can be fitted ranging from removable nets to retracting roller blinds that can quickly be lowered or raised. A third option is to plant a grape vine and train it upwards to shade the other plants. This requires a lot more maintenance but rewards your efforts with fresh grapes.


Autovents are a very clever invention that can help maintain optimum conditions in your greenhouse with little effort on your part. They can be fitted to virtually any vent and will automatically open to provide fresh, cool air circulation when things get too hot. Contrary to what you might expect, they have no electric components. They use cylinders filled with wax which expands in the heat to drive pistons then contracts again when temperatures drop down. This is a simple, clever and relatively cheap way to have your greenhouse regulate itself.


Staging can serve any of a number of useful purposes, depending on the type. Multi-levelled staging may allow greater numbers of plants to be propagated or simply provide storage for tools and resources underneath your small pots and trays. Staging can also provide a working surface at a convenient height while plunge staging can simulate conditions that some plants thrive in; where their roots are kept cooler. Giving over a portion of your greenhouse to whichever kind of staging best suits your needs can boost both convenience and productivity. 


The purposes served by shelving overlap with those of staging but there is often no reason not to have both. Shelving is usually situated above staging at a high level. It can help to maximise storage space in your greenhouse without getting in the way of plants. Alternatively, it can provide a perfect space for germinating plants. Since shelving tends to be high up and very close to roof glass, it usually provides a warmer space compared to the rest of your greenhouse and this is ideal for propagating plants.