Importance of maintaining garden when on holiday highlighted

Asking for help from friends and family may be advisable for homeowners going on holiday who do not wish to return to see their garden looking like a complete mess.

Bunny Guinness has written for the Daily Telegraph that her holiday would be ruined if she left for foreign shores knowing that her garden could resemble a forest fire upon her return.

Thus, alongside staying up until the early hours the night before her plane takes off to ensure all of her plants receive a good drenching, she makes plans in advance to guarantee her garden gets the attention it needs in her absence.

Ms Guinness wrote in the publication: "Undoubtedly the best solution is to belong to a local horticultural society and draw up some sort of rota: you look after mine and Ill look after yours."

She added that she is currently looking after her neighbours garden while he is on holiday, which involves taking care of nasturtiums, lobelias, salvias and strawberries.

The positioning of plants when going on holiday should be another area of focus, as it may prove a wise strategy to move particular plants away from areas where they will be hit with direct sunlight.