If youre looking for your banker – check his greenhouse

City traders, bankers and corporate executives are swapping their trading boards and expensive suits for greenhouses and Wellington boots, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.

Apparently, a number of City workers are looking to safeguard their future by retraining in horticulture after losing their jobs or even as a back-up in case they are made redundant.

During previous recessions it was the traditional trades such as plumbing that attracted newly unemployed financial experts, but this time around the buoyancy of the horticulture industry is proving more attractive, according to horticulture institution Capel Manor Colleges chief executive Steve Dowbigging.

"We had an open day at the weekend and there were a number of people from the City here looking at prospective careers either because they are worried about being made redundant or have been made redundant," he told the newspaper.

"And five or six partners of people who are not working have decided to set up in a business because they are worried about their partners futures.

"They want to get back into work as security in case of redundancy in the family."

The increase in interest from the financial sector is likely to go hand-in-hand with demand for greenhouses, so those looking to invest in a quality greenhouse may wish to get in early in order for it to be ready for spring.