Ideal conditions at an ideal time

Despite not being the best of summers for catching a tan, the warm, wet weather has helped apple growers no end.

Fruit growers in Kent took advantage of the weather to become the first to get their apples into shops this year, according to fruit marketers Norman Collett.

Discovery apples hit the shelves one week sooner than usual and only three days later than last years record.

Tesco apple buyer David Croxon explained that this year saw ideal conditions for summer fruit growing.

"A good amount of rainfall in May and June combined with normal summer temperatures and the last weeks heat wave has created nice, firm, juicy Discovery apples with a good crunch factor," he explained.

"As a result, Kent residents are the envy of the nation as they will be the first to get their hands on these apples."

This year has been a tough year for families with food prices growing almost as fast as the apples.

But the summer weather will have given a boost to those who grow their own food and have helped combat the rising prices.