Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is proving to be one of the most fertile growth sectors in the gardening industry.  Essentially, hydroponic gardening allows you to bring to life a space that previously could not be cultivated and although hydroponic horticulture and agriculture has yet to fully hit the mainstream, we are seeing an increasing number of government led and small stakeholder investment in the technology.

Hydroponics is gardening without soil, with nutrients directly provided to the root of a plant. It may sound strange to learn that a plant might not need soil to grow, but the reality is plants expend a lot of energy growing and maintaining root systems in the search for nutrients and water. Directing nutrients and water straight to the root mean that the plant can use the energy solely on growing.

You can create a hydroponic environment in any indoor space including your greenhouse. Robin Parker of Greenhouse designers, Gabriel Ash, says that his customers have been increasingly embracing hydroponic technology;

“We have certainly seen a shift in attitude in our customers. Increasingly, many are adopting hydroponics in their greenhouses, and as a result are seeing increased productivity and yield from their crops.”

Hydroponic gardening actually uses around two-thirds less water than traditional gardening watering techniques, as water can be recycled, and it actually becoming a lot more affordable to implement. Even the number of nutrients needed is reduced to one quarter of the previous amount. Hydroponic gardens can produce five times the yield as soil gardens in the same space thanks to traditional growing seasons being eliminated.

As cultivatable land across the world becomes scarce and food supplies come under threat, governments are increasingly using hydroponic farms to meet demand.

Countries in the developing world, especially those with high populations or poor growing conditions, are embracing hydroponic agriculture. Previously unusable land is being harnessed, jobs are being created and the number of elements needed to propagate a successful crop has been reduced.

Hydroponic gardening is rapidly becoming one of the most important technologies in agriculture. Humanity will eventually depend on it.    

If you have a hydroponic greenhouse, or have an interest in the topic, please share your views.

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