How to successfully grow a selection of spring plants

The arrival of spring offers you the chance to experiment with a wide selection of new plants. Gabriel Ash offers a variety of greenhouses and accessories to help you create the perfect environment for your new plants. Whether you are planning to grow your own fruit and vegetables or a selection of exotic plants, Gabriel Ash can provide you with everything you need to help your plants thrive.

As the weather grows warmer during spring, your plants may require more water. Petunias for example, need plenty of water during the warmer months. However, other types of plants, such as exotic or desert type plants such as cacti, require very little water and will thrive during the warmer months. Before growing any plants that you are unfamiliar with, you will need to research their needs so that you can provide them with everything they need to successfully grow. Avoid placing plants that have different needs to each other in the same greenhouse, as the atmosphere may not be suitable.

During the warmer months, the temperature within your greenhouse will rise. Although some plants, such as exotic plants, may thrive in warm areas, other types of plants may die if they are not provided with plenty of water or ventilation. It is vital that you keep your greenhouse well ventilated during the warmer months. However, as spring can still bring cooler days, seedlings may be damaged if they are exposed to cold weather or high winds. Researching what conditions your plants require will enable you to create just the right atmosphere in order for them to thrive.

Greenhouse staging is ideal for those wishing to provide plenty of ventilation for their young plants during spring without exposing them to too much cold air. Staging is now available with slatted surfaces to provide your plants with just the right amount of ventilation. Air vents can also be installed in your greenhouse and will help to reduce the risk of plant disease, which often occurs during the warmer months.

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