How to stop squirrels munching your fruit

A Pennsylvania newspaper has been advising gardeners how to stop squirrels nibbling their tomatoes.

The Philadelphia Inquirer suggests the best way to protect fruit and veg from such critters without harming them is to put a protective barrier known as a soft fruit cage in place.

It explained this can consist of metal poles supporting plastic mesh, which allow the plants to grow in full sun light, without being attacked by hungry animals.

"The size of the mesh depends on the size of the critters you seek to exclude – berries attract birds, which can get through holes a squirrel cannot," the article read.

It said even single plants can be protected by using a little creativity and building a translucent barrier.

Another idea might be to grow food in a greenhouse, which should allow it the light energy it needs, without exposing it to predators.

The newspaper recently told the story of local resident Domenico Scicchitano who, at 90, still tends to a 40 by 180 ft vegetable garden, making wine and sauces for his friends and family.