How to plant annuals sustainably

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some tips on how to go about their business sustainably, with advice on planting annuals.

Not usually considered the most eco-friendly plants, annuals can be made greener by following certain sustainable steps during the planting process.

According to Gardening Nudes Shawna Coronado, soil preparation can be vital in this process and growers should mix in manure or compost with water retaining properties.

Non-drought-tolerant annuals should be aided by adding water crystals to the earth to help retain the moisture for longer.

Adding mycorrhiza is also a good idea as the fungus helps to boost roots capability to take on water.

"Retaining water is easy when you add a mulch as a top dressing around the plants," Ms Coronado explained.

"My recommendation is a wood chip or compost mulch."

She added that growers should always opt for natural mulch, which is not only more eco-friendly than artificial plastic varieties, but is also more beneficial for the plants.

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