How to keep your plants healthy in summer

Summer is a time when you can really enjoy your gardening hobby. However, in order for your plants to be healthy and grow successfully, you will need to provide them with plenty of care during the summer. Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of accessories that can be added to your greenhouse to keep your plants at their best.

Here are a few tips for keeping your plants healthy during summer:

•    Ventilate your greenhouse. During summer, it is vital that your plants are provided with sufficient ventilation. Ventilation is an important aspect of greenhouse growing and will enable you to produce healthy plants. There are many types of ventilation systems available, such as louvre vents, that are suitable for greenhouses. Keeping your greenhouse well ventilated will reduce the risk of problems such as plant disease. It will also help to keep your greenhouse free of damp and rot, which is vital for wood designs. In addition to ventilation systems, you may also wish to consider adding a temperature gauze to your greenhouse, as this will reduce the risk of unhealthy temperatures and humidity levels.

•    Water your plants. Your plants will need plenty of water during the summer due to the higher temperatures. Different plants will have different needs, however, so only provide your plants with as much water as they require. If you are growing exotic plants or desert type plants such as cacti, then these will not need to be watered as frequently. Be sure to research the needs of your plants so that you can provide them with what they need in order for them to thrive.

•    Look out for disease. Plants are more susceptible to disease during warmer temperatures, so make sure they are provided with good air circulation and if there are any affected plants, then remove them from your greenhouse or garden. Avoid growing new plants in areas where other plants have been affected. Only select organic fungicides when dealing with plant diseases. If you are planning to go out and select new plants for your garden, then always inspect them before buying. Selecting plants that are already affected by disease will increase the risk of your plants being damaged, so take care when adding new plants to your garden.

•    Look out for pests. During summer, there is an increased risk of problems with pests. Insects can not only eat your plants but some also carry viruses, which will cause further damage. Common pests include aphids and thrips. Use organic methods when removing pests from your garden, as this will reduce the risk of damage to your plants. Try to encourage wildlife to your garden, such as birds, as these will help to get rid of pesky insects.

•    Choose the right area for your plants. When growing plants in your garden, it is vital that you select the right area to plant them in. Choosing the wrong area may affect the growth of your plants. Select sunny areas for plants that thrive in sunlight and shaded areas for plants that require less sun. Azaleas, for example, will only thrive in shaded areas, so avoid planting them in areas where there is lots of sun, as this will affect their growth and make them more susceptible to plant diseases.

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