How to keep growing through the frost and snow

The UK has been bashed by snow, sleet and frosts over the past week or so and although this may create picturesque vistas, it can also play havoc with gardens.

However, vegetable growers neednt fret as Gardeners World star Toby Buckland has explained to Daily Mail readers that there are things that can be done to allow continued growing.

Mr Buckland wrote in the newspaper that aside from growing in the greenhouse, gardeners could make use of cold frames and cloches to keep their plants prospering in cold weather.

"Cloches are a great boon, tricking plants into thinking winter is over and rewarding you with another fresh flush of leaves," he wrote.

"It might not make you self-sufficient, but any harvest at this time is hugely satisfying: it tastes far better than anything you can buy and hasnt been flown halfway across the globe." advises gardeners to think carefully before deciding which lighting to use.

Supplementary lighting can be used for general illumination on dark winter afternoons and evenings, while growing lighting is specifically designed to aid plant development.