How to get the best out of your lawn

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in western Washington have been given some tips on getting the best out of their lawns.

Most grassy areas in the region are cool season varieties which do better when left to grow to at least three inches.

When mowing, no more than a third of the blade should be lopped off to keep the lawn healthy looking and weed free, the Daily News Online explained.

The website added that cutting the blades right down uses up more water and leaves the grass susceptible to invasion from other species.

Another useful tip is to leave the trimmings on the lawn, which can return up to a third of the nitrogen to the soil.

This means less fertiliser is required and healthier, more attractive grass in the garden.

Gardeners should also change the direction that they mow every time to stop the wheels of their lawnmower leaving ruts in the soil, the online resource suggested.

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