How to get the best fertiliser bar none

A top gardening expert has explained that UK gardeners can fill their gardens and greenhouses with the best fertiliser and soil conditioner available without having to lug it back from the local garden centre.

Writer and TV presenter Monty Don has long been an advocate of organic gardening and recently explained in a Daily Mail article that Britains gardeners can make their own fertiliser with a simple compost heap.

This money-saving practice may take a little extra effort but will help the environment and provide copious amounts of the "very best fertiliser and soil conditioner bar none", according to Don.

As author of numerous gardening books and former presenter of Gardeners World, Don knows a thing or two about gardening.

He advises that "a little trouble and a little understanding of the process will pay dividends" and that good compost can help gardeners work wonders both outside and under glass.

Aside from the usual garden waste, Don suggests that old socks, kitchen waste and wrapping paper can all be used on a compost heap and that gardeners should research how they can recycle to protect the environment.