How to expand your growing space

Londons garden and greenhouse growers have been given advice on how to procure extra land to step up their growing activities.

Finding an allotment could be a great way of producing more tasty fruit and vegetables and the Islington Tribune has explained how to get one.

Brits could volunteer at their local community garden, with many available across the capital.

Islington recently revealed that is investing £1 million on food growing projects, including the creation of a new allotment site.

Alternatively, setting up a vegetable garden on disused land such as an old building plot or grassy patch can be a good idea for acquiring extra space.

Finally, it might also be possible to speak to a neighbour about using their land to grow food in return for a share of the harvest.

This is a good way to use land that is going to waste without any real cash cost.

Meanwhile, the Guardian recently suggested that potatoes grown in Hungary could be a good answer to the blight problem in the UK.