How To Decorate Your Greenhouse For Halloween

Halloween is a fantastically spooky time of year. Just as the evenings are getting darker, it’s a chance to scare the neighbours, frighten the grandchildren and inject a bit of fun-filled terror into an evening or two.

If you’re planning on having a Halloween party this year, why not do more than just decorate the kitchen or living room? Having your Halloween theme run throughout the house or into the garden will ensure your guests go home suitably spooked and visibly impressed with the results of your efforts.

In fact, decorating your garden – along with the associated shed and greenhouses – is a fabulous idea, because it allows you to take the Halloween party outside, where it’s dark and therefore much, much spookier.

Everyone wants to be outdoors on Halloween night – it’s traditionally an evening for prowling the neighbourhood and scaring all and sundry – but not everybody is happy letting their children take to the streets for Trick or Treat, even if they do accompany them. So why not let the kids enjoy the same atmosphere by taking your Halloween party outside?

How To Decorate Your Greenhouse For Halloween

Decorating your garden, greenhouse and shed for Halloween couldn’t be easier – there are now hundreds of scary accessories available in the local supermarkets, most of which won’t break the bank.

Why not buy a skeleton or skull and ‘plant’ them in the flowerbeds, where it looks like they have just been dug up? Hide a zombie in the bushes, turn your lawn into a cemetery littered with gravestones or sprinkle your potted plants with fake cobwebs and huge spiders (there’s probably a fair few real versions of these around at this time of year, anyway!)

Your greenhouse or shed is a great place to turn into a haunted house. Decorate the door with cobwebs covered with fairy lights, drape a sheet across the entrance, and then go to town inside, letting your imagination run riot.

How To Decorate Your Greenhouse For Halloween

A few ideas include putting some of your plants into cauldrons, having eyeballs, hands, fingers and skulls poke out of plant pots filled with soil, placing rats (plastic ones, of course) on the floor and hanging scary monsters and signs from the ceiling.

You must, of course (because you can’t have Halloween without pumpkins, apparently), carve several pumpkins of differing sizes and place these around the greenhouse, so their candles cast a spooky light on all your efforts. We guarantee the effect will scare the bejesus out of everyone who enters, young or old!

If you want to make your green ‘haunted’ house even scarier, arrange to play some spooky music inside. If you can, make sure it doesn’t come on until the visitors are well inside – or coincide it with a jump scare. We bet the kids will be racing out of there as quick as you can say boo.