How to create a beautiful white garden

Some would argue that white is not a colour, but that should not stop garden and greenhouse enthusiasts using it to brighten up their green space.

According to, shades of white, green and silver can be used to great effect in creating an elegant garden.

As well as being more visible in twilight, white gardens also look great by moonlight and provide a soothing effect during the daytime.

The website claimed that "all-white gardens are often a mix of both castle and cottage style, with formal and informal areas like a classic English garden."

It advised growers to use oleander, crape myrtle and lantana in summer and impatiens, geranium and petunia in winter to give the garden a year-round white effect.

Those looking to add silver could grow liquorice plant, dioon edule or artemensia to spice things up a little and vary the tone.

In other news, the Fort Wayne News Sentinel has advised growers to put in the work now to prepare the garden for spring.