How grow your own is becoming popular

Scores of Brits are taking up fruit and vegetable cultivation in their gardens and greenhouses, according to the Times.

The newspapers Lucy Alexander visited the Royal Horticultural Societys (RHS) Garden Wisley to find out why the activity has gripped the masses.

RHS fruit specialist Jim Arbury explained that the sheer choice of food gardeners have is one bonus.

He noted that there are 700 types of apple growing in Garden Wisley, while only "a few" are available in supermarkets.

Its also a lot fresher, and if you live in the city it keeps you in touch with the seasons," he added.

Sales of vegetable seeds now account for 79 per cent of all seeds sold at B&Q – a stark contrast to ten years ago when flowers made up 70 per cent of trade.

Furthermore, the home and garden firm believes that around a third of UK citizens will try growing their own at some point this year.

The RHS is again running its Britain in Bloom contest for 2010, with towns, villages and cities around the UK hoping to take the coveted crown.