How adding a glazed room could make you richer

It is widely accepted that extending the home can add to its value, but with the government scrapping rules surrounding planning permission for loft conversions homeowners have another option in creating extra space.

According to Country Life magazine, as many as one in five UK citizens would consider adding a loft conversion.

Creative minds may wish to add a glazed angle to their loft conversion by following the lead of Mark Newman, director of architecture firm Newman Zieglmeier, who converted his end-terrace loft and glazed the end wall so that his new loft room now has floor to ceiling windows.

According to Alliance and Leicesters Mark Boyle, adding an extra room to the property can be a great way to boost its value.

"While it may prove too costly to upsize to a new home, converting a loft into a useable room can not only increase the size of the property, but it can add value to the price, benefiting homeowners when they eventually come to sell," he said.

Another way to add space to the home would be to have a bespoke glazed extension fitted to the kitchen.