Housing slump a good time to build conservatories

The housing slump may be an ideal time to carry out a home improvement such as building a conservatory or adding a new kitchen extension, it has been suggested.

While the fact that house prices have continuously fallen for months on end and mortgage credit continues to prove elusive may put some people off investing in their properties, advice site Life123.com has suggested this may be the ideal time to improve.

"A money crunch shouldnt mean putting the kibosh on home and garden upkeep," the website said.

"In fact, procrastinating on cleaning, decorating, improving or maintaining your home and garden can be more expensive ultimately."

House prices have fallen by 12.2 per cent in the past year, according to the most recent figures from the Financial Times House Price Index.

However, those who invest in a quality conservatory or other home improvement during this downturn may benefit from a competitive price because raw material prices have also fallen.