Horticulture Businesses Unable to Fill Vacancies

A recent report by the Royal Horticultural Society – Horticulture Matters – has revealed that as many as 70% of UK horticultural businesses struggle to fill their skilled professional vacancies. Alarmingly, 20% of UK horticultural businesses are forced to recruit from abroad.

The skills gap in the horticultural sector has resulted in the industry struggling to meet demand on all levels – from scientists researching plant diseases, growers who aren’t able to meet demand and horticultural advisors who consult with town planners and architects on urban biodiversity.

As we have reported previously, horticulture is not recognised by many young people to be a viable career and the low number of courses available at schools and colleges back this up. 90% of students see horticulture as a career that lacks appeal.

RHS director Sue Bigg said;

“We are unanimous in the belief that there now must be urgent action taken to save British horticulture, and it must happen now.”

The Government are currently analysing the RHS’ report and are due to respond soon.

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