Horticulturalists ponder alluringness of gardens

Gardens have long been alluring despite the majority not being "sexy" places.

This is according to the Guardians Gardening Blog, which concluded that a private outdoor space is a place of "leisure and indulgence", with a slow garden stroll a classic element of a romantic scenario.

Professional horticulturalists Lesley Hegarty and Robert Webber wrote that sun and shade can both be conducive to a gardens seductive appeal.

"Shelter is essential – in this lush, cloistered atmosphere all we need are the all-important sensory elements," their blog stated.

"Todays garden is the place to display the body perfect – picture the ladies of Wisteria Lane in the TV show Desperate Housewives ogling the gardeners pecs."

In other news, Active You has suggested that the next big gardening trend may involve replacing floral displays with the growing of fruit and vegetables.

According to the Lancashire Post, this is being pioneered by the town of Clitheroe, with local councillors wanting residents to be able to source their food closer to home.