Hoo lives in a house like this

The four-bedroom Beckley is one of the designs at a new George Wimpey development in Hoo, Kent, which the developer says shows that "big is beautiful".

An L-shaped layout for the property allows for folding sliding doors to open on to the garden from more than one of the ground floor rooms.

Such a shape also allows homeowners to "make the most of the garden views", the firm points out.

Both the kitchen and lounge are fitted with folding sliding doors, emerging on to a private rear garden.

Anyone considering such a property may be interested in the range of extras also available.

These include patios, fencing and conservatories to help make the most of the developments exterior space.

George Wimpey also offers feng shui advice which could prove of interest to anyone planning a kitchen extension.

Among the guidance is the suggestion that the layout should not leave the chef with their back to the door as the sense of insecurity transfers into any food cooked in the room.