Homeowners beware – winter no time for DIY

A building and renovation expert has advised UK homeowners that now is not the time to be carrying out DIY jobs.

Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine editor James Orme explained that although DIY can be a fun and economic way of renovating the home, some things should be left to the experts – especially in the winter.

Those contemplating erecting their own conservatory should bear in mind that it is no easy task and that getting it wrong could cost thousands in repair jobs and heating expenses.

Mr Orme said that the festive period is also the worst time for DIY as people are too busy with other things.

"Also a lot of the work tends to not be quite as effective in the cold as it is in the spring," he continued.

"People dont particularly want to commit themselves to hanging outside all day on a cold Sunday."

Even a quick paint job can get messy in winter as the cold weather means its takes longer to dry and can cause it to run.

Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine: DIY is the "last thing" people want to think about at Christmas