Homeowners advised on environmentally-friendly living

Readers of a UK newspaper have been advised on how to reduce their environmental impact and save money through cutting their power expenditure.

A condensing boiler system can help recapture and recycle energy that would otherwise be lost through the flue, according to the Guardian.

Households can also save money by installing an energy monitor to keep track of how much electricity they are using.

The publication said knowing exactly how many watts and pounds are being used helps consumers adapt their living habits to save themselves money.

Another tip offered by the paper is to recycle grey water from washing by redirecting it to toilets or the garden.

Homeowners considering installing a conservatory and looking to ensure it is consistent with their other energy-saving activities should ensure they choose a reputable firm to install it so there are no cracks for heat to escape.

A recent Legal and General survey found more Brits feel their kitchen is the area of their home that requires upgrading more than any other room in the house.