Home-improvers go green

A recent survey has noticed a trend in UK home improvements where homeowners are increasingly opting for greener options.

While conservatories used to be associated with letting in a draught and making the house more difficult to heat in winter, modern conservatories can actually act as an environmental aid to powering the home.

With new design and building techniques, a properly placed conservatory can help raise the temperature and light levels in a property – negating the need for using gas and electricity to heat and light the house.

According to the survey by Halifax, one in ten have used reclaimed and green materials when improving their property while a further 64 per cent would consider doing so in future.

"There has been a growing trend for going green over the past few years in terms of eating, travelling and recycling, and this is now extending to the home as Brits become increasingly eco conscious," he said.

A conservatory is also good for the eco-conscious in that glass and aluminium are recyclable materials.