Home-improvement more achievable with savvy financial management

With winter soon to give way to spring, homeowners will be looking at ways to spruce up their home and adding a conservatory or loft conversion may appeal.

The post-Christmas reality for many is that the wallet has taken a severe bashing and adding a costly home-improvement may seem unachievable.

But price comparison website moneysupermarket.com has come to the rescue with research that shows homeowners could save themselves in the region of £2,500 just by shopping around for the best deals on some of the more common household expenses.

Mortgage payments can be cut by as much as £1,000 per year simply by switching to a deal that offers an interest reduction of just one per cent.

Expenditure can also be cut on things such as credit cards, loans, telecommunications, utilities and insurance, just by shopping around for the best possible deal.

Those with savings should also look for the best return on them by placing them in a high-interest account rather than a low-interest current account.

While this may sound time-consuming, the extra effort may be enough to finance a home-improvement project without dipping into savings or applying for credit.