Home improvement expert says extensions are the way forward

A home improvement specialist has said that extending the home is a great way of getting the space you need without having to move house.

National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) director Andrew Leech was speaking of the changes to planning permission rules brought into force on October 1st.

He explained that home improvement could be the answer to specific problems and that the new rules make it even easier to invest in a good quality improvement project.

While some may opt for a standard extension, the more adventurous and creative may wish to add a conservatory or glazed extension to give their home a unique look and feel.

"If people have got the money, extensions are a good way of extending your house without moving," Mr Leech said.

"You could add a couple of rooms on, go up in the roof, or can refigure the interior, make a big room into two smaller rooms.

"I think people are tending to stay put at the present time because of the housing crisis and I dont think many people will move until they see an improvement in the financial situation."

Recent research from the National Association of Estate Agents showed that 92 per cent of its members felt that adding an extension could potentially boost the value of the home.