Home-grown veg growing in popularity

Gardening enthusiasts are increasingly adopting a positive stance towards domestic horticulture, it has been asserted.

News agency Reuters suggests that there are a number of reasons for home-grown fruit and vegetables becoming more popular.

It suggests that some people living in an urban environment see cultivating their own produce as a relaxing activity that can reduce levels of stress.

"For us its the perfect antidote to living in London. Its a great stress-buster and the vegetables we grow taste so much better," Maeve Polkinhorn, a young mother, tells the provider.

Meanwhile, other people are driven by the boost to health that gardening can provide, with a 77-year-old man telling the agency that doctors recommended that he maintain his allotment because it was good for him.

In related news, charitable organisation Garden Organic suggested in recent days that cultivating home-grown produce provides people with access to vegetables that "couldnt get any fresher".