Home-grown produce could save pounds

Horticulturalists eager to free up extra cash could well find that they are able to make savings by growing their own fruit and vegetables, it has been asserted.

Carrie Pailthorpe, a horticulture expert at organic growing charity Garden Organic, explains that as the cost of such produce increases in the supermarket, cultivating it at home is a more viable and cost-effective alternative.

"Whether its in an allotment, a small vegetable patch or just a few window boxes, the produce grown will certainly save pounds rather than pence," she suggests.

Ms Pailthorpe notes that the size of a green space available will play a part in the savings made, but suggests even people who live in a flat could grow items that make buying salad bags or fresh herbs unnecessary.

In other news, it was recently reported that the housemates in this years series of Big Brother will grow their own potatoes, herbs and carrots.