Home-grown produce could not be fresher

There are a wide range of benefits associated with growing fruit and vegetables at home in the garden or in a greenhouse aside from being a cost-effective means of providing food, according to Garden Organic.

Carrie Pailthorpe, a horticulture expert at the charitable organisation, explains that there are positive educational aspects to the pastime.

"Growing your own is a great way to learn to appreciate the food we ordinarily take for granted. It helps us understand the seasons, reconnects us with nature and keeps us active," she asserts.

Ms Pailthorpe also suggests that growing produce from home ensures that the fruit and vegetables that reach the plate "couldnt get any fresher".

Figures from the Soil Association, which recently welcomed former Gardeners World presenter Monty Don as its president, suggest that an average of £37 million is spent on organic produce every week in the UK.

It adds that the regions most likely to invest in such food are the south-west, south-east and Wales.