Home Gardening – The Best Type of Greenhouse

Gabriel Ash greenhouses come in all arrays of sizes, styles, colors and material. We ensure that our greenhouses can suit every garden and every pocket. Our greenhouses are attractive but sometimes one needs a practical greenhouse for your home garden.

Greenhouse Design

Traditional greenhouses are either apex roofed, circular, pyramidal or geodesic domes. However, the need for more space may lead your choice of home gardening greenhouse to a Lean-to greenhouse. Lean-to greenhouses lean against the wall and retain heat for long periods.

If there is a need for space and your wall or house fence faces south, then a Lean-to greenhouse is your best choice. Lean-to greenhouses save space and are very pleasing to the eye.

The best greenhouse will also take into consideration the size of your garden and its intended use. It is good to consider a larger greenhouse so that you have enough space to expand. It is also cheaper than a smaller greenhouse.

Choice of Material

At Gabriel Ash, we have a large choice of greenhouse materials to suit your needs. Cedar wood greenhouses from Gabriel Ash look superb in any garden, require little maintenance and are naturally rot-resistant. Most gardeners choose cedar wood greenhouses over aluminum greenhouses especially for their natural look.

Though there are many cheap frames for a greenhouse, a strong framed building, glazed with glass should be considered if you are looking for a stable and long lasting greenhouse. Buying a cheap greenhouse will probably only lead to increased maintenance costs in the end.

Much of the consideration in choosing your greenhouse lies in the cost of building and running the greenhouse, and the space available. The best choice of greenhouse will depend on your personal taste and the use of your greenhouse.

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