Home allotments in demand

More homeowners are looking to buy vegetables, rather than aesthetically pleasing plants, to grow in their own homes, it has emerged.

According to Anne Ashworth, columnist for the Times, "home allotments" are becoming increasingly popular.

She suggests that these need not be large, but may be grown in champagne boxes, which could lead many to attempt such a feat in their own conservatories at home.

Ms Ashworth asks: "Will one consequence of the credit crunch be the end of the flower-filled window box as we know it?"

Such a query is made in light of the temptation for many to grow their own courgettes in their garden, greenhouse or conservatory, rather than purchasing them from an organic supplier.

Her comments follow advice from Independent columnist Cleve West, who noted that the weather is not yet warm enough to grow squash outdoors.

But the author noted that some more impatient gardeners may be looking to sow seeds in a greenhouse or conservatory instead.