Historic Statues Stolen

Two historic lead statues have been stolen from the garden at Godinton House, Kent, prompting fears that the statues could me melted down and sold as scrap.

The two statues are valued at around £30,000 and have stood in the grounds since the 19th century and date back to as early as the 18th century.

Depicting a nude dancing man and a female muse, the statues are believed to have been wheeled away on a trolley and lifted over a fence. Estate manager at Godinton, Nick Sandford said;

“This charming pair of lead statues date back to the 18thcentury, and have been at Godinton well over 100 years. They form the focal point at the end of the tennis lawn. They are irreplaceable and our great hope is that they will be recovered.”

The theft of the statues is the latest in a spate of metal thefts in recent years, with scrap commanding a significant price.

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