Historic pub changes hands with conservatory permission

An historic pub in the village of Holcombe Rogus in Devon has been sold to a local licensee with planning permission to build an extension containing a conservatory.

The permission will also allow new owner Wendy Terry to build a function room and three bedrooms for letting on the site of the existing skittle alley.

The Prince of Wales free house dates back to the 17th century, according to Caterer Search.

After achieving a £275,000 turnover in 2007, the £550,000 paid by Ms Terry will seem like a bargain.

Once the conservatory extension is added with views of the 34-seat garden restaurant and 50-seat beer garden, the pub will seem like the ideal place to meet friends and enjoy the warm Devon summers.

Even in winter, the conservatory will allow patrons to enjoy a pleasant view while having the warmth and comfort of being indoors.

The Daily Mail recently reported that the British government may soon have to introduce hot weather payments to help poorer households cope with the extra-warm summers expected in the years to come.