High-end homes selling well

People who own accommodation with bespoke conservatories, garden studios and pool houses may find they are able to get a good price for it if they put it up for sale.

This is because Robert Pritchard, director at Smiths Gore, has suggested high-end properties in certain locations are performing very well on the market at the moment.

Homes in the north Cotswolds have been fetching high prices, which is remarkable considering the condition the economy and sector were in last year, he noted.

"There is a lot of competitive bidding going on," said Mr Pritchard. "Particularly [for properties] above £2 million and in some cases those end values are incredibly punchy."

Although this might not necessarily be the case across the board, people with unique houses – which are based towards the higher end of the property ladder – are attracting a lot of buyers, he concluded.

In March 2009, Knight Frank sold one per cent more rural properties than it did for the same month last year.