Herb help

Gardening fans eager to grow their own herb garden have been given advice on how to make the most of such plants.

Bunny Guinness makes her comments in her column in the Daily Telegraph, where she explains that parsley should be sown in the springtime and notes that it is good for use in soups, risottos, salads and coleslaw.

Rosemary is also simple to grow, she states, adding that its flowers are as good to eat as the leaves.

Mint is described as "invaluable" in cooking and also has a number of other uses such as soothing aches and pains in an oil as well as producing an aroma that beats anything from a bottle.

Concluding, Ms Guinness notes that thyme should be sown in March and planted in large pots so that they can be tucked away in the dry during wet periods, adding that it helps with digestion and is both an antioxidant and antiseptic.

Meanwhile, resource Garden Organic explains that March provides gardening enthusiasts with greater opportunities to spend time in their herb gardens on fine days, adding that hyssop, sage and lemon balm are perfect for harvesting during the month.