Hellebores A Colourful Winter Addition

Hellebores are making a comeback amongst the gardening community. During those dark winter months, our gardens can look bare, but because of its winter flowering season, the hellebore is becoming an attractive proposition for those of us who like to garden all year round.

The hellebore can offer a stunning array of colours as it flowers. From ice white to almost black through, purples, pinks and greens, the hellebore will brighten up any bleak winter garden. Perhaps they would go unnoticed if they were summer plants, thanks to their relatively small flowers, but because of a colourful winter bloom, they have won the hearts of gardeners all over the country.

They hang their heads, to protect their pollen, but they are at their zenith when the weather seems at its most unfriendly. Like the snowdrop, this flower demands our respect.

Breeding hellebores successfully is relatively simple. Simply choose a couple of colours that you like then plant in your garden and have patience. Be aware that these little flowers provide plenty of seedlings so be sure to cut these back quickly where they are not needed – they can overwhelm their parents, and can quickly reduce to the lowest common denominator. Following these simple tips will ensure a pure and a colourful collection of hellebores to brighten up your drab winter garden.

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Author: Robert Smith

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